About Us

First Comes Love, Mother & Baby has been my dream since I was pregnant with my daughter Ivy Florence. I remember after 26 hours of labor feeling tired, sore, bloated, overjoyed, worried and mesmerized all in one. I was running on about three hours sleep and I knew my family and friends were coming to meet Ivy and I just felt like I looked like a mess ( which is totally fine and normal after birth) but I wanted to feel like I looked like myself.

It was at that point that I thought, wouldn't it be nice to be in something comfortable, that I knew was going to look nice and be practical.That's how the Idea for First Comes Love, Mother and Baby came about.

The Matching aspect took a little longer to develop. It was when I was swaddling Ivy, I had managed to pick out so many beautiful outfits, and we were gifted so many too, that were all different colours and different patterns and nothing seemed to gel. This is where the block colours of the Grace and Lincoln sets come in, they have been designed with patterned clothing in mind.

My career before I was a mummy was as a stylist and I think  it was been ingrained in me to style everything from myself, my husband, my house and my baby (my poor family lol). I have always enjoyed the matching mummy and me styling, I just never managed to find something that suited my personal style and that Included newborns.

All of the names of our swaddle sets and Mother & Baby sets are inspired by my daughter, family and friends. They have all played a part in helping me to achieve my dream, and I cant thank them enough for being my inspiration and biggest supporters

I am so proud of our range of cotton/jersey sets. They are comfortable stylish and practical. I hope you love my range as much as I do.

I have included a family picture so you can all put a face to our names. ( My husband is Mike, and I'm sure he would just die if he knew I posted him as well ha ha).

I cant wait to see all the 'First Comes Love' babies and glowing mummas in your new sets. Dont forget to tag us @firstcomesloveaus